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Digitize your business from the ground up. Open the door to enhanced collaboration. And make in-depth analysis of company and production data a reality.

As a leading Microsoft Premier Partner, we work with you to deliver the unique solutions you need to embrace a digital future.

Speed up enterprise cloud innovation

Every business is different and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. We objectively look at your focus areas, from day-to-day business development to the implementation of a long-term IT strategy.

Harness Cloud-based productivity

Meet the modern challenges of IT architecture with a strategy that supports the backbone of your business. We help you easily build, manage and deploy future-ready intelligent Cloud solutions, securely.

Automated processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power BI

Digitize your processes

Turn valuable insights into action, using the power of your business’s data. Use automation to streamline the way your business functions, making data and forecasting a core component of your planning.

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2. February 2021

EU-U.S. Privacy Shield invalidated – Can the cloud still store your PII?

In 2020 came the verdict in the “Schrems II” case.. ...

#Tech Insights
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21. October 2021

Are we, developers, being automated away?

No-Code. It almost makes software engineers’ skin crawl. Now someone...

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17. May 2022

Increase your company productivity in an easy and simple way with Microsoft RPA Solution

Every year companies waste millions of dollars in tasks that...

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31. August 2022

Enable Innovation by Migrating Legacy Systems

It is no secret that cloud migration services have surged in popularity over the last few years, with the race to migrate legacy systems to the cloud being fiercely accelerated by remote working during the pandemic.

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8. December 2021

Devoteam strengthens its partnership with Microsoft by deploying Devoteam M Cloud in Luxembourg

Luxembourg, December 7, 2021 – Today, Devoteam announces the deployment...

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11. March 2021

Is technical debt eating up your IT investments?

What is technical debt and how the typical enterprise organisation...

#Tech Insights
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15. November 2021

MVP INSIGHTS: Azure Monitor – the best kept ’secret’ in the Cloud

The Azure Platform offers excellent services for Cloud monitoring and...

#Tech Insights
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28. June 2022

MVP INSIGHTS: Vanquishing Azure Access Ghosts and Zombies

Correctly granting access to your Microsoft Azure resources is a process filled with...

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2. September 2022

Azure Databricks Explained

Working in the cloud means you’ll have to be familiar...

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Press release

29. March 2022

Devoteam M Cloud presents a simple recipe for sustainable digitization with new Cooking Class Sustainability

As part of the new format, Devoteam M Cloud and Microsoft will show how digital transformation and a sustainable corporate strategy can be easily linked.

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