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Cloud, Cyber, AI & Sustainability. Be guided by Azure natives.

Born in tech, Devoteam has over 25 years of experience in guiding your business. As a premium Microsoft partner for professional and managed services, we help you accelerate your cloud adoption with our unique Cloud Enabler framework and methodology.

Be guided by natives

Cloud Managed Services by Devoteam Don’t fall asleep on your cloud

In today’s digital landscape, businesses are soaring to new heights with the power of the cloud. While the cloud offers immense opportunities, it also needs proper management to ensure you’re making the most out of it.

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150 Key Technologies for your company’s future

The tech landscape can be hard to navigate. What if your digital decisions were guided by Tech Natives?
Discover insights from the top 150 technologies of our 2023 TechRadar and how they can help you become future-proof.

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On-demand webinar A pragmatic approach to cloud adoption

There are many paths that you can take to benefit from cloud adoption. What do the cloud adoption journeys look like and what is the best pragmatic approach for your situation?

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Take the fast road to a digital future

Embrace digital transformation and see productivity soar as costs fall. Work with Devoteam M Cloud, a trusted and premium Microsoft Partner, who helps you unlock the true power of Cloud. Take the mystery out of digital transformation and start seeing the change you want – and need.

Let’s start solving

Solutions. Leverage a secure and unified
Cloud platform.

Accelerate your digital transformation with a team of over 800+ Microsoft experts. Modernize your IT structure and make it truly future-ready, with solutions and products that put collaboration into motion. And make in-depth analysis of company and production data a reality.

Distributed Cloud

Your business is brimming with untapped potential. Cloud opens growth opportunities: making you better, faster and stronger. Harness cloud technology at scale. We guide and drive every step of the Microsoft Cloud journey.

Cloud Native Applications

What if cloud-native architecture was one of the keys to making smarter, faster, better decisions, and opening the doors to the full potential of your business? While we have been used to traditional applications in the past, a Cloud Native approach is now crucial to dramatically reduce your time-to-market, improve customer experience or allow better scalability thanks to Microsoft Azure. Our Cloud native applications are built from the ground up optimized for cloud scale and performance.

Data Driven

Our mission is to help you turn data into actionable insights to drive tangible business impact. This is accomplished by differentiating your products, services and customer experiences to surpass your competition with an insight-based approach.

Business Applications

Maximize your performance and experience limitless agility – with the only applications portfolio that delivers operational excellence. Streamline processes, connect your team and break down barriers for optimal flexibility. Quickly build data-driven Business Solutions with Microsoft Power Platform—Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents.

Modern Work

Create a successful digital culture to experience true digital success. Improve employee productivity and satisfaction, and create more seamless communication with Microsoft 365, Teams and Viva. Our specialists help you implement new technologies – and more importantly – make sure the workforce is on board.

Cyber Trust

Cybercriminal organisations are becoming increasingly sophisticated. It is estimated that it now takes less than 1 hour from the discovery of a vulnerability to its malicious exploitation. With adequate measures and ultimate security features, you can understand your evolving threat landscape way ahead of time to swiftly mitigate risks and address your business needs. We fuse functional, sectoral, and Microsoft technical expertise to solve cybersecurity challenges at every step of the digital journey.

AI & Machine Learning

Microsoft’s platform, Azure, includes services that are accessible to both developers and business users. Users can create machine learning models from scratch using Azure Machine Learning or customise pre-trained models that are available in the Cognitive Services suite, of which OpenAI is a part. Devoteam helps you leverage the power of data-driven intelligence with AI & machine learning.  


Sustainability is at the core of Devoteam’s mission to support your sustainable digital transformation. Understand your impact. Implement responsible strategies throughout your business and discover untapped potential through sustainable practices.

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Services. Go digital with Microsoft services.


Let us be the partner at your side, from leveraging business intelligence to creating efficient lifecycle management processes.

Cloud Enabler

With our Cloud Enabler Framework, a unique and innovative approach, we support our customers to accelerate their cloud migration and adoption.

Cloud Managed Services

Optimize your IT day-to-day with fully managed IT services – freeing you up to give your business your full attention.

Why choose us. At Devoteam, we believe that technology with strong human values can actively drive change for the better.

Discover how Tech for People unlocks the future, creating a positive impact on the people and the world around us.

Our industries. We work with you.


Deliver streamlined experiences, gain valuable insights, and give all-round better care.


Connect experiences across the end-to-end shopper journey.


Manufacture a sustainable future with Cloud capabilities that support the core requirements of your industry.

Financial Services

Accelerate your innovation and harness sustainable growth.


Create the transformative impact you want in a scalable way.


Streamline processes for company-wide increased efficiency.

Insights and events. Read the latest insights on Microsoft Intelligence.

Success stories

Devoteam helps to build a new digital chapter

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13. September 2023

Devoteam launches its biggest ever international marketing campaign focused on Microsoft technologies

Devoteam is launching its biggest ever international marketing campaign focused…

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1. August 2023

Unlocking Real-time Insights with Azure Data Platform Services

Modern data engineering relies on real-time analytics as a vital…

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27. June 2023

Devoteam is Microsoft Partner of the Year in Norway

Bringe home the biggest trophy in its third year of…

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22. June 2023

Devoteam executive team meets with Microsoft CEO in Redmond

As a trusted Microsoft partner across EMEA, our executive team…

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9. May 2023

AI models, use cases, and the impact of generative AI on your business with Azure OpenAI

In this article, we will talk about the Azure service…

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Success stories

Secure and compliant cloud infrastructure in 12 weeks – KSAT

#Cloud#Cloud Enabler#Security
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23. January 2023

The University of Copenhagen enters into a contract for a cloud platform with Devoteam

With this collaboration, Denmark’s largest university wants to establish a…

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12. December 2022

Minding your own AgriTech business

The world of farming is becoming smart(er). Seeds, vegetables, fruits,…

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