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Satisfy your curiousity Managed Services Answers

What is a managed service? What does it manage? Who needs one? We have compiled and answered all you best questions around managed services right here.

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Take the fast road to a digital future

Embrace digital transformation and see productivity soar as costs fall. Work with Devoteam M Cloud, a trusted and leading Microsoft Premier Partner, who helps you unlock the true power of the Cloud and SAP. Take the mystery out of digital transformation and start seeing the change you want – and need.

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The Cloud Recipe for Business Devoteam Cooking Class

A handful of cloud technology, two well-matured management approaches and a pinch of daring – this could also be your recipe for more sustainability in your organization. Find out how you can succeed in preparing an excellent recipe for more sustainability and digitization in your organization.

The Cooking Class

Solutions. Leverage a secure and unified
Cloud platform.

Accelerate your digital transformation with a team of over 800+ Microsoft experts. Modernize your IT structure and make it truly future-ready, with solutions and products that put collaboration into motion. And make in-depth analysis of company and production data a reality.

Speed up enterprise cloud innovation

Take control of your journey to the Cloud with a digital transformation strategy, fast.

Harness Cloud-based productivity

Embrace a culture of innovation with modern collaboration tools, applications and software packages.

Automated processes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power BI

Digitize your processes

Keep your competitive edge with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power BI – with optimally efficient processes.

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Services. Go digital with Microsoft services.

Managed Services

Optimize your IT day-to-day with fully managed IT services – freeing you up to give your business your full attention.


Let us be the partner at your side, from leveraging business intelligence to creating efficient lifecycle management processes.

Microsoft product-based services. Increase your impact, further.
Embrace a complete digital transformation with our full range of Microsoft products and services.

Intelligent Cloud Microsoft Azure

Easily build, manage and deploy future-ready intelligent cloud solutions. Securely, from anywhere.

Business Automation with Microsoft D365

Leverage lean business processes for a more efficient way of working. And transform day-to-day tasks from time-costly to automated workflows.

Modern Work with Microsoft M365

Transform your workplace and empower teams to collaborate together securely. Adopt true agility and a modern work landscape.


Establish an agile development environment and combine people, processes and technology for optimal performance.

SAP on Azure

Seamlessly discover and realize the full potential of SAP and SAP with Microsoft, across all applications.

Sharepoint Online

Fully leverage SharePoint & M365 as your strategic place for information-driven processes. Save time and money and achieve your strategic goals.

Why choose us. At Devoteam, we believe that technology with strong human values can actively drive change for the better.

Discover how Tech for People unlocks the future, creating a positive impact on the people and the world around us.

Our industries. We work with you.


Deliver streamlined experiences, gain valuable insights, and give all-round better care


Connect experiences across the end-to-end shopper journey.


Manufacture a sustainable future with Cloud capabilities that support the core requirements of your industry.

Financial Services

Accelerate your innovation and harness sustainable growth.


Create the transformative impact you want in a scalable way.


Streamline processes for company-wide increased efficiency.

Insights and events. Read the latest insights on Microsoft Intelligence.

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31. August 2022

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