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How to enhance cloud security to focus on core business

The cloud era, which has brought unparalleled levels of convenience and efficiency to corporate operations, has also brought new threats to the table that could threaten a company’s very existence. Cybersecurity is no longer an optional element of a business plan but a cornerstone of operational integrity and continuity. In this article, I will discuss the value of security event detection and the crucial role of Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools as a fixture in the corporate cybersecurity toolkit. Devoteam’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service is all about that – powered by a cloud native SIEM, which is operated by cloud native experts.

Cyber challenges and how do we transform them into competitive advantages?

Cyber threats range from ransomware attacks that undermine the most significant US healthcare payment system, like in the United Health Group ransomware case, to a new age of stealth attacks that compromise corporate data. At its heart, security event detection is a proactive measure, referring to the capacity to take notice of unusual events and analyse them in terms of the possibility of a cyber threat.

A Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool is crucial for aggregating, analysing and responding to security logs and events within the organisation’s cloud infrastructure. After implementation, SIEM empowers operatives to identify threats and significantly accelerate incident response swiftly. Devoteam cloud security experts design and consult on the SIEM platform implementation that will be deployed using Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and managed by code as the implementation matures. This method automates the setup and management of the infrastructure, enhancing consistency, reducing potential errors, and strengthening compliance with security standards. On many occasions, this is the first step in creating a modern cybersecurity strategy.

Beyond SIEM

As the online security landscape changes constantly, SIEM technology is at the front of this wave. The SIEM platform is enriched with artificial intelligence and machine learning for more excellent threat identification and user & entity behaviour analytics (UEBA) to recognise unusual behaviour that might lead to a cyber attack.

Automated response or Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) is another aspect of Microsoft Sentinel that elevates security operations to the next level. Automated response scripts are becoming a default way of improving efficiency. The existing library of such scripts is constantly updated as the Managed Detection and Response experts review and analyse the incident flow, spotting the potential for automation.

While the Devoteam Managed Detection and Response SIEM platform of choice is Microsoft Sentinel, major public cloud providers like AWS and Google Cloud are also supported. From this perspective, Sentinel is considered cloud agnostic.

SIEM Operations

Nevertheless, the Managed Detection and Response service is not only implementing SIEM. A cloud-native team of cybersecurity experts operates the platform 24/7 and manages every incident life cycle:

  • Closes incidents when false positives are detected, 
  • Escalates and notifies  when an actual cybersecurity breach is detected 
  • Triggers SOAR automated remediation and closure scripts as a time-saving alternative for incident response. 

Key takeaways

All in all, cybersecurity should not be viewed as a cost centre; it is a strategic business continuity and reputation investment. Cybersecurity is critical for any firm’s comprehensive organisational approach. Businesses should focus on their cybersecurity stance and deploy sophisticated securities to protect their activities, data, and identity in the digital world. Therefore, cybersecurity is not only critical, but it is also a strategic business decision. 

With that in mind, setting up a security team, processes, and necessary tools from scratch can often seem cumbersome and even discouraging. That’s why organisations turn to Managed Service Providers. At its core Devoteam MDR is an outsourced SIEM platform operations service with the goal of keeping customers at ease with all the incoming noise and distractions. Calmness and serenity are the ultimate goals of the MDR service, letting customers focus on their core activities.

If you’re ready to unlock the true value of your company’s cloud environment, connect with our experts – tech natives for a consultation.