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Cloud Enabler – The fastest and safest cloud journey

With our Cloud Enabler Framework, a unique and innovative approach, we support our customers to accelerate their cloud migration and adoption three times faster. We have adapted our Cloud Enabler Framework to cover all Microsoft cloud offers.

Devoteam’s Cloud Enabler Framework provides an enterprise-grade cloud migration adapted to your needs:

  • Three times faster.
  • The outcome is guaranteed secure and compliant.
  • We enable your organization to operate and innovate confidently in the cloud


Cloud Enabler Framework We’ve built it, so you don’t have to

The Cloud Enabler Framework helps you migrate quickly and safely and reach the full potential of the cloud, and it consists of three core elements


A complete set of processes based on an agile approach with efficient sprints.


Based on principles, such as automation, pre-made design decisions, all implementation as code, zero trust and repeatability.

Customer enablement

Customers will own the implementation and the code and can be trained and enabled through active participation in the process.

Cloud Enabler Modules

Get to know all of the modules of our Cloud Enabler Framework:

  • Cloud Enabler for Azure – Cloud Transform
  • Cloud Enabler for Azure – Enterprise Cloud Foundation
  • Cloud Enabler for Azure – GitOps
  • Cloud Enabler for Azure – Enterprise Cloud PC
  • Cloud Enabler for Azure – SIEM
  • Cloud Enabler for Sustainability

Do you want a fast and secure cloud transformation?

Cloud Enabler book demo

KSAT A fast cloud journey and predictable process that ensured security, compliance and cost control.