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AI & Machine Learning

Microsoft’s platform, Azure, includes services that are accessible to both developers and business users. Users can create machine learning models from scratch using Azure Machine Learning or customise pre-trained models that are available in the Cognitive Services suite, of which OpenAI is a part. Devoteam helps you leverage the power of data-driven intelligence with AI & machine learning.  

Are you looking to integrate AI with your existing IT systems?


Artificial Intelligence is transforming businesses across various sectors, from manufacturing to healthcare. However, implementing AI solutions can be challenging and costly without the right guidance and expertise.

That is why partnering with Devoteam, a leading digital transformation consultancy, can help you achieve your AI goals faster and more efficiently. Devoteam offers end-to-end AI services, from strategy and design to development and deployment. Whether you want to automate your processes, enhance your customer experience, or optimize your performance, Devoteam can help you find the best AI solution for your needs.

Benefits of using OpenAI on Azure

Faster and easier development of AI applications with pre-trained models and tools.

Seamless integration with existing data sources, services on Azure and also Hybrid environments.

Flexible and cost-effective deployment options for different scenarios and needs.

Enhanced security and compliance with Azure’s trusted cloud platform.

Access to the latest innovations and updates from OpenAI.

Our solution offering

Azure OpenAI Project Journey

Our comprehensive project support covers every stage of your initiative, starting with use case mapping where we identify the key areas where AI can enhance your operations. Following this, we partner with you on the development of a Proof of Concept (POC) to demonstrate the value and technical feasibility . Finally, we guide you through the process of industrialization, ensuring the successful implementation and scaling of the solution within your organization.

Azure OpenAI Project Journey – Azure Marketplace

Other solutions

Discover our full range of solutions.

Distributed Cloud


Harness cloud technology at scale. We guide and drive every step of the Microsoft Cloud journey. 

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Cloud Native Applications


Our Cloud native applications are built from the ground up optimized for cloud scale and performance.

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Data Driven


Our mission is to help you turn data into actionable insights to drive tangible business impact.

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Business Applications


Quickly build data-driven Business Solutions with the Microsoft Power Platform—Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents. 

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Modern Work


Improve employee productivity and satisfaction, and create more seamless communication with Microsoft 365, Teams and Viva.

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Cyber Trust


We fuse functional, sectoral, and Microsoft technical expertise to solve cybersecurity challenges at every step of the digital journey. 

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Understand your impact. Implement responsible strategies throughout your business and discover untapped potential through sustainable practices. 

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Insights It all starts with a conversation. Get in touch today to see how we can help you on your digital transformation journey.

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