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Sustainability is at the core of Devoteam’s mission to support your sustainable digital transformation. Understand your impact. Implement responsible strategies throughout your business and discover untapped potential through sustainable practices.

Do you want to develop and implement an effective sustainability strategy?


For efficient ESG strategies, it’s essential to have actionable insights to support them.  That’s why Devoteam has developed the ‘Cloud Enabler for Sustainabilityframework to support you in your efforts to promote sustainability and address ESG challenges.

Our solution offerings

Want to know how we can help you? Take a look at our solution offerings in Azure Marketplace:

Devoteam M Cloud – Azure Marketplace

Other solutions

Discover our full range of solutions.

Intelligent Cloud


Harness cloud technology at scale. We guide and drive every step of the Microsoft Cloud journey. 

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Cloud Native Applications


Our Cloud native applications are built from the ground up optimized for cloud scale and performance.

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Our mission is to help you turn data into actionable insights to drive tangible business impact.

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Business Applications


Quickly build data-driven Business Solutions with the Microsoft Power Platform—Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents. 

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Modern Work


Improve employee productivity and satisfaction, and create more seamless communication with Microsoft 365, Teams and Viva.

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We fuse functional, sectoral, and Microsoft technical expertise to solve cybersecurity challenges at every step of the digital journey. 

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AI & Machine Learning


Leverage the power of data-driven intelligence with AI & machine learning.  

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10. August 2022

Expert Insight: Green Kubernetes – the future?

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Designing the Process of Sustainability

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30. September 2021

Cloud computing: an opportunity for carbon reduction?

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