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Cloud, Cyber, AI & Sustainability. Be guided by Azure natives.

Born in tech, Devoteam has over 25 years of experience in guiding your business. As a premium Microsoft partner for professional and managed services, we help you accelerate your cloud adoption with our unique Cloud Enabler framework and methodology.

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1200+ Microsoft experts
18 Advanced specializations

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Our goal is simple: to successfully guide businesses in their successful journey to the Cloud. We know our customers need to focus on what they do best – looking after their business. That’s why we seamlessly handle the IT architecture, to free up time and valuable resources. And we don’t rest. We’re always on the lookout for innovative technologies to help our customers on their journey.

Our expertise domains

Distributed Cloud

Harness cloud technology at scale. We guide and drive every step of the Microsoft Cloud journey. 

Data Driven

Our mission is to help you turn data into actionable insights to drive tangible business impact. 

Cyber Trust

We fuse functional, sectoral, and Microsoft technical expertise to solve cybersecurity challenges at every step of the digital journey. 

Cloud Native Applications

Our Cloud native applications are built from the ground up optimized for cloud scale and performance.

AI & Machine Learning

Leverage the power of data-driven intelligence with AI & machine learning.  


Understand your impact. Implement responsible strategies throughout your customer and discover untapped potential through sustainable practices. 

Are you looking to integrate AI with your existing IT systems?

Microsoft’s platform, Azure, includes services that are accessible to both developers and business users. Users can create machine learning models from scratch using Azure Machine Learning or customise pre-trained models that are available in the Cognitive Services suite, of which OpenAI is a part.

Azure OpenAI processes data such as prompts, completions, training and validation data.

The service creates custom templates, processes text prompts and analyses their contents to prevent abuse or misuse.

Is your organization dealing with a complex IT infrastructure and operations?

Devoteam’s Cloud Enabler framework provides a
solid enterprise-grade cloud migration adapted to
your needs:

A complete migration and transformation of your
IT environment twice as fast as the market

The outcome is guaranteed secure and compliant.

We enable your organization to operate and
innovate confidently in the cloud.

Are you managing big amounts of data from different legacy systems?

We leverage both our technical expertise on top of the most innovative technology platforms and our business knowledge with the best combination of experts to support our clients in their quest for agility, competitiveness and sustainable growth.

The path to becoming a data-driven company is complex if you want to generate value over time. We use a sustainable, continuous, product approach to help you further your data journey.

Does your organization comply with industry specific regulations for security?

Devoteam can help you to identify the gaps and define security controls that are the right solution for your specific needs. As such, we will support you to develop a sound security posture that allows you to maintain continuous visibility on your current security state and desired goals. This guarantees that your cloud transformation and operations are fully secure in line with your specifications.

Do you want to move existing applications to the cloud or start cloud native?

As technology continues to disrupt and transform industries across the board, and businesses become increasingly interconnected, cloud native is fast becoming a key component of profitable and sustainable transformation.

Find out more about how to improve your business structure and growth, and allow better scalability through Microsoft outstanding technologies to help you reach your goals.

Do you want to develop and implement an effective sustainability strategy?

Sustainability is at the core of Devoteam’s mission to support your sustainable digital transformation. 

For efficient ESG strategies, it’s essential to have actionable insights to support them.  That’s why Devoteam has developed the ‘Cloud Enabler for Sustainabilityframework to support you in your efforts to promote sustainability and address ESG challenges.

“Devoteam M Cloud is a critically important partner for Microsoft across EMEA in delivering end-to-end customer transformation. Their continued investments in employee skills programs, Advanced Specialisations and Azure Expert  ensures that our mutual customers are maximising the ROI on their technology investments“.

Ready to accelerate your transformation into a Digital Native Enterprise?    

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