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Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Improving Data Transparency in Program Management with Power BI

Data in Program Management

Program Management is notoriously difficult. It requires collaboration across a wide range of stakeholders with information flowing quickly through a vast landscape of systems. Project plans, progress, milestones and gateways are all essential parts of program and project data, and if this data is not managed well, projects may be delayed, costs can increase and critical deadlines be missed. However, if you manage to combine and structure the data correctly, you may very well find yourself on top of the deadline-game, and able to foresee and avoid potential bottlenecks in your project plans.

Synchronizing Project Data at Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

The wind engineering company Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy builds wind farms, and projects span long periods of time with many involved stakeholders. Building a new wind park requires employees from product development, manufacturing, and construction to work together closely and constantly align and synchronize their plans and progress. In practice, this can be a monumental task: The required information is vast, complex and is stored in different systems, making the information sharing manual, tedious, slow and error prone. Siemens Gamesa needed a solution to make sure all stakeholders share the same information quickly and efficiently: “What we wanted to do with the Synchronisation report was to improve the information flows across the organisation.” (Marianne Nicolaisen, Project Manager, SYNC Program).

Displaying Progress and Planning data side by side with Power BI

Together with Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Devoteam Data Driven created a Power BI report, which combines data from all the relevant source systems and displays them in a single view, as shown in Picture 1. The report shows the different projects, their details and milestones at a glance, and also highlights any potential missing data, for continuous improvement of the solution. This report is easily accessible by all relevant stakeholders and creates a common source of truth, making much of the manual information gathering and sharing obsolete and accelerating the speed and quality of the information flow. The report has been in production since the winter of 2021: “We consider both the program and the report a success since we can see there is an increased collaboration across the organisation.” (Marianne Nicolaisen, Project Manager, SYNC Program).

Choosing Devoteam Data Driven as Data Advisors

Throughout the project, Devoteam Data Driven has taken the role of data experts and advisors, while also facilitating the development of the solution. Our consultants worked closely with the stakeholders to understand business requirements, in order to propose a fitting technical solution, and develop the entire solution in close communication with Siemens Gamesa.

If I look at the collaboration we’ve had with Devoteam Data Driven, we could see that it has brought us results much quicker than we would have been able to ourselves, basically through the competences and the focus they brought in to creating these reports.

Are you also struggling to consolidate data across multiple source systems in your organisation? Are you also missing transparency in your information flows or wish to make information accessible in a faster and more automated way? Reach out to us: