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Devoteam launches its biggest ever international marketing campaign focused on Microsoft technologies

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Devoteam is launching its biggest ever international marketing campaign focused on Microsoft technologies across EMEA themed “Be guided by Azure Natives”. 

As a premium Microsoft partner for professional and managed services, Devoteam has helped over 600 customers in their digital transformation.

With our Cloud Enabler Framework, a unique and innovative approach, we support our customers to accelerate their cloud migration and adoption 3 times faster. Our methodology prioritises security and compliance, ensuring the privacy of our customers’ data throughout the migration process. The outcome is guaranteed secure and compliant.

Piloted in Norway, our Cloud Enabler Framework has been rolled out across EMEA. John Heskett, CTO of KSAT, a world leading provider of satellite communication services in Norway said: “The foundation Devoteam has laid for us means that we are at a new level of competence and quality in the IT environment, in addition to the fact that we are better able to drive innovation in a controlled and secure manner, and move quickly and to be self-propelled in the cloud.”

We have over 80 IaC implementation templates, which can automate cloud landing zone creation in an industry-compliant framework aligned with Microsoft Azure Well Architected Framework.

With a team of over 1200 Microsoft experts in a dedicated business unit (M Cloud), we have adapted our Cloud Enabler Framework to cover all Microsoft cloud offers and we have the bold ambition to become Microsoft’s leading partner in the areas of Azure, Cybersecurity and OpenAI. With our passion for Sustainability and tech ethics, we aim to put Responsible AI into action making sure we use creative tech for better change.

Currently, Devoteam has all 6 Partner Solution Designations and 18 Specialisations across EMEA, which makes us one of the top 3 partners in terms of recognition from Microsoft, topped with more than 2000 expert certifications.

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About Devoteam:
Devoteam is a tech consulting firm specialising in Cloud, cybersecurity, and data. Tech Native for over 25 years, Devoteam guides businesses through sustainable digital transformation to unlock their full potential. With more than 10,000 employees in more than 25 countries across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Devoteam is committed to putting technology at the service of people.