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An innovative approach for a sustainable corporate strategy

One of Devoteam's main responsibilities is to catalyse the potential of technologies to design sustainable solutions that respect the environment, while taking a responsible approach towards their materialisation.

In this context, Jérémy Meisch, COO & M Cloud Country Director, Thierry Barthel, Head of Sustainable Customer Success, and Jean-François Bodson, Presales & BID Management Director at Devoteam Luxembourg, share essential insights on the central role of sustainability within the company’s overall strategy.

Sustainability at the core of the approach

“It is now evident that sustainability can no longer be considered a mere option for businesses, but rather a must based on four fundamental principles:

  • Current legislation: the future regulations, especially those related to ESG being implemented at the European level, is occurring at a fast pace. This evolution requires preparation for the implementation of detailed reports in the coming months and years.
  • Strategic direction of companies: business leaders and decision-makers are becoming aware of the importance of integrating sustainability into their strategy.
  • Commitment to sustainable practices
  • Employee involvement: employees are more mature and concerned about environmental and sustainability issues. Adopting sustainable practices becomes the new norm to remain competitive in talent recruitment.

At Devoteam, sustainability is deeply rooted in our corporate culture. We guide our clients through their journey towards sustainability, advising them on both technical aspects and the creation of ESG reports – environmental, social, and governance. It is in this context that we have created a framework named Cloud Enabler for Sustainability” explains Jean-François Bodson.

“The situation of our environment is worsening each day. Moreover, the maturity of businesses has not yet reached the level required to address all the changes they will have to face in the near future. We have decided to take action for the planet and make a difference by helping our clients to make informed decisions in this regard” adds Jérémy Meisch.

Cloud Enabler for Sustainability

“Devoteam has adopted a unique vision of ESG by considering it as a set of data. The goal behind our framework is to elevate the level of maturity of companies, especially regarding data management” defends Jean-François Bodson. “To achieve this, we provide a complete range of tools to establish a robust data governance, leveraging the ‘Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability’ solution and AI-based technologies. This specific combination allows data processing, creation of detailed reports, automated report design, and supporting the C-Levels in their strategic choices” he continues.

“The strategy revolves around three axes: collecting enterprise data, assimilating and creating reports, as well as change management” Thierry Barthel adds. “Change management is an essential component to ensure a quick return on investment from its transformation. By relying on the Prosci methodology, a globally recognized organisation in change management, we collaborate with companies to facilitate the integration of change management within their organisation, by explaining the underlying reasons and the necessity of the adoption.”

“We deliver this framework through an agile approach we call Studio Delivery, which is broken down into several phases,” Jérémy Meisch concludes. “First, we conduct an environmental analysis to get an overview of the current situation and define with the client the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) on which we will start the incrementation. Then, we proceed with the design and data collection method before creating the data platform through sprints. Finally, we integrate the data into the platform, enabling us to create ESG reports. All these steps are coordinated by a multidisciplinary team capable of adapting to all profiles, providing real added value. Ultimately, our goal is to empower our clients to fully resume their activities and continue their development autonomously by providing all the necessary tools.”

Change Management

“Too often, change is not assisted in companies but imposed. When it impacts a specific solution or process, we ensure it is understood and ready for use by employees. At Devoteam, we have decided to address the problem holistically by preparing not only the employees but also the managers to face it. By involving the impacted individuals in the process from start, we will significantly reduce their apprehensions by enabling them to understand the reasons behind these changes and make a smoother, but above all, more sustainable transition,” explains Thierry Barthel.

“We deliver workshops with employees to show them what the future will look like after this change, but also to ensure the connection between business needs and the different actors in the company responsible for implementing these transformations” he says.

“We strongly believe that if change management is fully integrated into the corporate culture, it will lead to a significant reduction in the carbon footprint, a decrease in turnover, and therefore a benefit to the local economy. It is important to say that Devoteam is one of the few entities in the Luxembourg market to combine technical and change management expertise, representing significant added value” he concludes.

Source : Techsense Magazine #6 – Yann Roll