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Innovate or Expire – An Application Innovation Story



IT can be both a source of innovative ideas, and an excellent enabler to support innovation. Technological breakthroughs can be innovation triggers, but these are often created by researchers, specialized IT firms, or megascale corporations with mindboggling Research & Development budgets.

More often however, innovation happens on a smaller scale; more specialized and iterative rather than grand and game-changing. A sequence of smaller, pragmatic innovations, all enabling the organization to create just a bit more business value, can add up to great improvements over time. These smaller innovations often
focus on improving daily operations, streamlining processes and automating previously manual work.

This e-book answers to the following questions:

  • Why do you need app innovation?
  • How do you enable app innovation within your organization?
  • What are the different strategies for getting to the cloud?
  • How to create a good cloud strategy, based on the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework?
  • What are the different strategies for moving and modernizing your business applications?


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