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Devoteam's innovative Cloud Managed Services have been developed on years of experience and best practice learning. Take the guesswork out of Cloud adoption and let an award winning Cloud partner assist you in reducing costs and strengthening your security and compliance for better business value.

Cloudeon becomes Devoteam to elevate your business. Make the world your new playground. Start an agile Cloud journey with us.
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Managed Public Cloud

Focus on Your Business

We at M Cloud utilize our Expert Managed Service Provider accreditation to ensure that your environment is always running securely and at peak performance. It is our core business to operate your cloud.

Expert Knowledge

Operating the cloud requires knowledge of the hundreds of cloud assets that is not a server. Use our experts to manage your cloud platform and get most well-trained and experienced cloud platform reliability engineers on the market.

Global Partnership

Our managed cloud platform teams are available 24x7x365 to support your business across cloud service technology, ITIL and DevOps processes backed by cloud vendor premier support agreements to ensure rapid escalation.


Key Features:

  • Best in class monitoring, logging and auditing of your cloud environment
  • Secure access to your cloud platform from Lighthouse and Bastion service
  • 24×7 management of incidents and problems and changes on platform
  • Automated security patching of Windows and Linux servers
  • Code driven self-service for developers and business users

Managed Cloud Health Check

Reduce Cloud Cost
Evidence shows that a poorly configured and managed cloud service can cost at least 40% more than it should. The health check will review your cost reduction opportunities from rightsizing and optimal cloud licensing.

Mitigate Cloud Risk
As the cloud keeps evolving, so does security. The health check measures your cloud environment against recommended compliance frameworks for cloud security and provides you with recommendations for improvement.

Mature Governance
Effective cloud governance requires a methodic tagging enforcement. We point out untagged assets and make suggested best-practices for tagging available to improve governance maturity.


Key Features:

  • Monthly review of your cloud infrastructure and operational practices
  • Identification of critical issues, security risks and opportunities for improvement
  • Recommendations for your cloud governance that will increase your control
  • Recommendations on configuration, utilization, and cost optimizations
  • Recommendations on service improvements and alignment to best practices
  • Advice on cloud commercial models to optimize use and help reduce your costs
  • Report on deviations from best practices across your cloud platform

Managed Cloud Security

Next Generation Security
Utilizing decades of cybersecurity work from Microsoft, M Cloud leverages cloud native tooling to elevate your security detection and response.

Threat Intelligence
Extensive data collection is used in combination with deep threat analytics and intelligent threat detection to respond to unknown threats.

Rapid Response
Making your threat detection and response smarter and faster with artificial intelligence (AI) helps you prevent damaging incidents.

Expert Knowledge
Choosing an Expert MSP as partner provides expert assistance to your security team to ensure Cloud threat identification, protection, and remediation.


Key Features:

  • Investigation of alerts and review of cyber telemetry behavioral patterns
  • Respond to events and maintain response/remediation actions
  • Maintain exposure and security scores across the digital estate
  • Configuration, maintenance, and monitoring of Azure Defender
  • Configuration of native and custom connectors
  • Configuration and maintenance of detection rules including SOC-ML animalities
  • Enablement and continuous management of Azure Sentinel
  • Log streaming integration to SIEM platform
  • Monthly Reporting

Managed Cloud Compliance

Meet Global Standards
Cloud Compliance helps you meet your governance, risk, and compliance goals, by supporting your compliance and risk teams with expert assessment and continuous improvement of your cloud environment to comply with internationally recognized standards for cybersecurity and compliance.

Automated Remediation
Leverage Automation to investigate and remediate non-compliance issues across your entire cloud estate.

Access to Expert Knowledge
Ensuring Cloud Compliance requires expert knowledge of Cloud Security and Compliance standards. Use our experts to assist your security & compliance teams and to ensure your Cloud is continuously secure and compliant.


Key Features:

  • Implementation of global standards such as ISO27001, CIS or NIST
  • Identification of risks across the resource landscape
  • Enforcement of custom policies required from your GRC team
  • Continuous reporting on compliance state 24×7
  • Self-service handling of policy exemptions and the enforcement of the desired state for all policies
  • Review of failed controls and creation of change requests for policy change to remediate
  • Monitoring of compliance state and review of event-based policy states
  • Monthly Reporting of KPIs

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