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Daiichi-Sankyo Europe and Japan implement a global pricing platform with the support of Devoteam and Microsoft

The snapshot


Pharmaceuticals / Biotech


Presence in 27 countries with production facilities in 13 and global affiliates, including 16 in Europe, 5 in the USA, and 7 in Asia.


New innovative pharmaceuticals, FDA-approved generic medicines, and novel therapies for people with cancer or other unmet medical needs.

The client’s context

How do you determine if the price is right? As a global pharmaceutical company delivering medication and treatments in 27 countries and across 3 continents, it can be difficult to establish a centralized and consistent process for product pricing. Traditionally, Daiichi-Sankyo would search for internal documentation manually to inform pricing decisions that were made in different regions. However, the time commitment to locate information across teams and departments became extensive. A lack of historical price data made it difficult to justify pricing decisions and often slowed contracts as different countries reached different conclusions. Daiichi-Sankyo needed a better way to facilitate cross-country and cross-regional collaboration while also centralizing data and best practices.

The challenge

A joint face: Microsoft and Devoteam work together to find a solution. With no standard procedures for requesting new prices or making price changes in any one region, Daiichi-Sankyo turned to Devoteam’s growing M Cloud division that combines Devoteam’s broad industry experience and transformation skills with powerful Microsoft digital technologies. By engaging Devoteam M Cloud, Daiichi-Sankyo business units gained direct access to local experts in strategy and management consulting, as well as development studios to design a custom solution to their problem. Executives not only interfaced with Devoteam country leads, but jointly engaged Microsoft account teams in Japan and Western Europe to deepen Azure and Modern Workplace conversations. This consolidated partnership between Microsoft and Devoteam gave Daiichi-Sankyo newfound confidence in their choice to implement custom Azure cloud-based business processes to solve their ongoing pricing pains. proprietary Dynamics 365 Template for manufacturing.

The solution

Implementing a holistic pricing ecosystem in 27 countries. Designing an enterprise-wide cloud platform for greater price transparency Devoteam M Cloud experts conducted a requirements analysis for the project, leveraging deep Azure product knowledge to inform the design and implementation of a new cloud-based pricing platform. Through agile and cloud native development services, Devoteam was able to create a centralized cloud database that could facilitate price tracking and standardize pricing procedures company-wide for greater data transparency and efficiencies.

Value of multi-area partnership Devoteam, a leading consulting firm focused on digital strategy, tech platforms, and cybersecurity, is a member of the Microsoft Multi-Area Partner Orchestration (MAPO) Program. This program has empowered their M Cloud division with the resources needed to scale quality support and cloud services across new geographic regions. For a global pharmaceutical company like Daiichi-Sankyo, having local experts in Western Europe and Japan to assist with implementing new enterprise-wide business processes has been critical to their digital.

Microsoft Solutions: 

  • Azure App Service 
  • Azure Functions 
  • Azure DevOps 
  • Cloud Solution Architecture and Solution Design 
  • Design Thinking 
  • Requirement Analysis & Design 
  • Agile & Cloud Native Development 
  • Container Development 
  • Application Modernization 
  • Application Performance & Platform Monitoring 
  • CI / CD 
  • Security Management 
  • Cost Management


Holistic data reporting and analysis. 

Pricing transparency across countries.

Standardized procedures for price changes. 

Secure and easily accessible historic records. 

Streamlined decision-making processes.

Daiichi-Sankyo’s new pricing model ensures every employee has access to accurate pricing data. The company is now able to easily communicate the rationale behind pricing decisions and can reference historic pricing approvals.

Digitizing and transforming a complex pricing process to achieve global pricing transparency was an exciting and challenging journey. With a passionate team of experts on the Daiichi side, the support of Microsoft, and the Devoteam M Cloud Studio model, an enterprise-wide governance framework based on Azure Cloud was developed and successfully introduced.

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