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December 6, 2022 - 11:00 am to 12:00 pm

Webinar: Enabling actionable insights with a solid data foundation

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Building a segmented data foundation to stimulate data usage within your organization.

You probably have taken your first steps into moving some of your data into the cloud or reworked your data warehouse. What’s being done with all the data in your organization at the moment? Do you have a clear overview of the data in all of your environments? Are you in control of how your data is interpreted, by who, and which teams are using it? Is there a single source of truth? If the answer is no to some of these questions, it might be time to take control over your data and rebuild or rework your data foundation.

In this webinar, organized by Devoteam, we will talk about what a data foundation is, what it is used for and common mistakes, as well as some best practices you can apply. We will talk about how to get started, some basic principles and determining the right goal and data foundation for your organization.


How do you create a team of people that get a grasp on what a data foundation is and why is it important? What work processes do we need to change? What is data lineage within your organization? How do you motivate your employees or colleagues to rework or create a data foundation that enables you and your team to work more efficiently?


What do your internal data processes look like? What are the steps taken when data or business analysis is done? Does every team contact the data owner by themselves? Do they all have the same source of truth or do they create one of their own? How can you make these processes more fluid, compliant, and manageable?

Creating a data foundation to enable you to create a single source of truth for this is key. We will take you through the steps you need to take into creating this. It doesn’t have to be a sudden, major migration or change, it’s something you can do in steps and we will show you how.


What technologies are available that provide the tools for this? We will share more information about the latest tools to work with and give an overview of the latest Azure capabilities for data analysis, management and control.

Please join us on December 6 for more information.


  • Introduction: present speakers Devoteam and the Goal of the webinar
  • Topic introduction: starting with Data
    • What’s happening in organizations on a data level?
    • Why is this happening?
    • What can be done about this?
  • Central data pillar – Warehouse – Data lake
    • Use case
    • Benefits of having one
    • Reference using Purview | Synapse | Sentinel
    • Scalability
  • Pragmatic approach to start from technology point of view (Devoteam)
    • Solution assessments – Consultant van Devoteam
  • Pragmatic approach to start from a people point of view
  • How can (MSFT) help in this


Speaker 1

Bart Prikker

Senior Data Consultant

December 6, 2022 - 11:00 am to 12:00 pm

Webinar: Enabling actionable insights with a solid data foundation