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Remote collaboration, employee happiness and agility have never been more important than they are today.
Successfully put smooth business operations in place with Microsoft, so your team is ready for anything.

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Embrace a new, collaborative
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Agile and secure modern work

Stay secure and productive anywhere, at any time, on any device. We implement a security policy that guarantees your devices’ integrity and reliability.

Collaborative teamwork

Meet, call, chat and collaborate in a reliable and secure virtual platform with Microsoft Teams. We help you deploy governance, keeping users operational and giving you complete protection from data exploitation.

Knowledge and employee experience

Deliver an integrated employee experience with a single place to manage work needs, experiences and transitions. All while shielding teams from confusing complexity and maintaining continuity.

Easy compliance

Protect your collaborative environments and sensitive data from cyber-attacks, at all times. We help you to identify your data and protect it, complying with regulations and reducing risks with Microsoft 365 Compliance solutions.

Put your firstline teams, first

Implement the connecting tools and technology that your firstline team needs to enhance productivity. Decrease costs and improve the customer experience with digital tools that are the perfect fit for a collaborative environment.

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8. august 2022

Devoteam strengthens its partnership with Microsoft by deploying Devoteam M Cloud in Luxembourg

Luxembourg, December 7, 2021 – Today, Devoteam announces the deployment…

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8. august 2022

Devoteam M Cloud presents a simple recipe for sustainable digitization with new Cooking Class Sustainability

Munich, 24th  March 2022 – Devoteam M Cloud, for more…

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8. august 2022

Devoteam M Cloud receives two new Security Advanced Specialization: Identity and Access Management and Cloud Security

After gaining in 2021 the Advanced Specialization Threat Protection, Devoteam…

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8. august 2022

Devoteam M Cloud obtains a 14th Microsoft Advanced Specialization : Analytics on Azure

June 28th, 2022 – Devoteam M Cloud today announced that…

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8. august 2022

Devoteam M Cloud recognized as the winner of Luxembourg 2022 Microsoft Partner of the Year

Luxembourg — June 29, 2022 — Devoteam M Cloud today…

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8. august 2022

Devoteam M Cloud recognised as Azure expert Managed Services Provider – again!

With the recognition as Azure expert Managed Service Provider (MSP),…

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Easily build, manage and deploy future-ready intelligent cloud solutions. Securely, from anywhere.

Business Automation with Microsoft Business Applications

Leverage lean business processes for a more efficient way of working. And transform day-to-day tasks from time-costly to automated workflows.

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